About us

It’s time for better wine and we think you should be given access to quality wines at affordable prices. So we’ll do just that! And even better, we’ll deliver it straight to your door. We travel across the world to unearth the best winemakers and the best wines. All you have to do is sipp.

Wait, there’s more….

As well as supplying some of the most amazing wines, we also believe you shouldn’t need a PHD to understand what makes a good wine. Or how to get the most out of enjoying a sipp. We’re using the latest technology to make understanding it a little easier. Watch this space. There are exciting things to come.

Our story

It all began with Moez Seraly, a Madagascan-Frenchman - later to become sipp’s CEO. He and a handful of carefully selected winemakers and chateaux from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne all got together with the intent of making exceptional, authentic and great quality wine an affordable luxury.

Over time we opened the doors to more exceptional winemakers - craftsmen and craftswomen from around the globe, including Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and many others.

Our mission then was to help make sipping great quality and artisan wines the standard. Not the exception. Our mission hasn’t changed!

Happy sipping!